“Author, presenter, relationship expert and sex therapist.”

I’m a husband and father and brother and son. I love to cook (That’s actually my first real love.) I have three boys and we love to spend our summers in Lake Powell and camping. I’ve been married for almost 20 years now to a woman I dearly love. And “no” it hasn’t been easy. You can ask my wife. There are many times when she wishes I was a massage therapist instead of a marriage therapist. I decided to become a relationship therapist because, I love people. I was the guy in high school the girls would talk to about their terrible boyfriends. I was fascinated about relationships. I wondered why people did what they did, what caused people to be depressed, anxious, and why some people were mean? So, when I took a psychology class in college it hit me. I dove right in! I love what I do. I feel honored and privileged to be invited into the most sacred part of peoples lives and hearts. I enjoy teaming up with my clients to help them discover their true selves and empower them to reach their potential in life.