“HOST EMIL” We’ve added a “Host Emil” program.

Can you believe that. Emil in your house, eating your brownies?! Sweet! Yah and he totally loves it! Although there is limited availability in Emil’s schedule he loves to work with small groups to help foster greater marriages. Just get at least 10 couples and Emil will come to your house. From 50-100 dollars per couple depending on location, you can experience the “Emil Show” live. Ask questions and get answers! Custom for you! Book Club, Professional Couples Forum, Church Group, oooh private showing. No problem. If we can fit it into his schedule, he will be there! He will bring the material and 2-3 hours of entertainment, you just bring your friends and refreshments. (FYI: Emil loves that chocolate better-than-SEX desert. It’s a weakness he has.) The Host doesn’t have to pay and Emil will give you a free autographed book: “You Can Turn Conflict Into Closeness.” Topics include: “SEX The Marriage Superglue – Strengthening Marriages Intimately.” “Creating closeness from conflict.” And many more. You can can come up with a topic or just do question and answers. Think it would be cool to have Emil come to your house? Click here to email Emil. Write out what you would want him to talk about. Hint: Send two or three dates you would like him to come.


Communication Kung Fu – Communication at Work that Works

Rich in content and thick in entertainment Emil’s presentations pack a punch. Emil has presented to thousands of people on Strategic Communication skills he calls “COMMUNICATION KUNG FU! The principles and strategies work in universal settings and he has been asked to present the material specifically designed for workplace communication.” Your company will be rolling in the isles one minute and then profoundly moved and motivated the next.  Designed to enhance productivity and profitability by creating a climate of communication and cooperation in your teams, you won’t find a more inspiring motivating and meaningful presentation for your workforce.  Click here to email Emil. Please include the name of your group or organization and a brief description. The contact person and number to make arrangements.

Amazing Intimacy

Amazing Intimacy is a tasteful exploration of the elements on intimacy that will empower couples to connect with greater devotion and closeness than they thought possible. Fantastic addition to corporate retreats and marriage forum getaways, Emil will share the sexual success secrets of the sexual sages that bring couples closer together and strengthen their relationship intimately. Funny, factual, and flavorful Emil brings the perfect combination of education and entertainment for your group. Click here to email Emil. Please include the name of your group or organization and a brief description. The contact person and number to make arrangements.

Both presentations are perfect for professional groups and corporate organizations.

Emil would love to present to your group!

Please email us at emil@emilharker.com. Or you can simply call now and talk to someone about how to schedule Emil for your next event 801-543-2120.

Be prepared with the following information. 1. Proposed date or dates of the engagement. 2. Time. 3. Address. 4. Approximate number of attendees. 5. Amount of time Emil is to present/train. Budget. Whether it’s a book club, couples forum, church group, corporate event or professional training conference, Emil has a full schedule of clients and limited space for presentations so call us soon so we can get you in Emil’s Calendar.